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AI dietician indistinguishable from internet health gurus

“It is distinctly underwhelming. I was really nervous before the first biscuit. But it tastes like a normal digestive… which is exactly what Wales needs: more of these biscuits on our shelves.”On the subject of milk and cream toppings, which can often be purchased alongside a nice cup of tea – the pudding worked well with these additions. However, as a stand alone pudding a dash of Flaaavours syrup provided considerable added benefit.

After trying two month’s worth of suggestions I can firmly say that I could go off this quite quickly, but you do tend to find yourself sticking to the recipe. I found myself returning to it over and over again for entirely shameful reasons (mountain ash berries, chips and lamb nosh anyone?). In that sense it’s not a patch on this or this.

The Cereal Killer Cafe opened in Shoreditch in March 2015 after the owners noticed there weren’t any cereal houses nearby; how they can look out their window to see at least five burger entities is a key question. Inspired by his son’s Harry Potter obsession the McCance Brothers sailed Breville into uncharted territory – the wizard world of full British breakfasts and popular musicians who like having hot baths in the 10-booth cafe.

The internet went wild over cereal killer balls, which are essentially ninja ball treats rolled in milk chocolate balls. Another high point is their ‘shroom truffle soup, a multi-coloured soup containing activated cashew mushrooms – providing todays consumers with a more exciting twerking opportunity than we can dream of yet.

Maybe stall it out to Britney when she comes to dublitblu next month. We await her tweets. But everything here is a health hazard and, my god, an eye-pleaser. Another tempting offering: ‘Cereal Killer Pot’ – sweet potatoes and avocadoes mashed into a fresh salad, covered in chives, coriander and black pepper and then topped with superfood grains (ie florid name for healthy foods).

Again it’s described as bloody delicious but to be honest it’s a crime any of this food actually exists whilst people are starving in refugee camps. Despite the questionable image, this is also genuinely an appealing place for families without fancy equipment or degrees from Southampton University Catering. When I asked the cashier if there were a lot of young families it confirmed what I always thought but never had evidence of: that YOUNG FAMILY RESTAURANTS REALLY EXIST now.

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