Can Hollywood solve its vaccination crisis?

Current Vaccination drive proves unsuccessful in Hollywood as celebrities stay away from mass vaccination sites, preferring home visits by unregistered nurses in Bel-Air mansions.

A new study in the British Medical Journal reveals that low-income and elderly influencers are largely responsible for the failure of the "vaccination scare" to encourage mass vaccination. Some interesting statistics in the study were: – More than 55 million doses of the flu vaccine have been purchased in the U.S. so far this season, but only 3.7 million doses have been given out to patients, because so many have either not been vaccinated, have developed serious medical conditions that make them ineligible for vaccination, or have declined the vaccine. – One out of 10 families reported an injury after the flu shot, most commonly a transient, numbness or tingling in the arm that lasted a few days, or maybe a few weeks.

Many actors are famous for their careers and accomplishments, but are also known for their roles as famous doctors, lawyers, presidents, scientists, and engineers. To this day, many actors and actresses today continue to become the stars they are because of their knowledge and experience in the entertainment industry. While celebrities are highly regarded and rightly revered in their communities, many celebrities are incorrectly perceived as real life heroes and saviors for making appearances and distributing information about their work, thoughts, and causes, but do not receive the same level of respect for protecting the health of the public that they are surrounded by.

According to an article in San Francisco Chronicle, those who paid thousands to avoid vaccines are the norm. A disgruntled Hollywood actor, John Caruso, paid an unregistered nurse to “vaccinate” him at a luxury home in Bel-Air; however, the unlicensed nurse was unable to supply the vaccinations. He was directed to another house in Beverly Hills, where he was given a prescription to purchase up to 3,000 doses of a brand-name hepatitis vaccine from Amazon. When the pharmacist refused to sell the actor the product, he was shown to a nurse who was there to vaccinate three other stars and she proceeded to administer the vaccine, while wearing gloves. “I just believe you have the right to know what you are getting,” said Mr. Caruso. “I have three kids.

Humans are creatures of habit. We don’t do anything unless we’ve done it a few times before. The virus that causes the common cold is very sensitive to temperature change, which is why the average cold lasts one week in normal temperatures but often six weeks in cold climates. I suspect that most celebrities also don’t like air conditioning, which is why they opt for heat instead. They have a much higher risk of catching a virus, but because they’re all famous and rich, there’s no harm done. For the rest of us, or the hapless general public, it’s not as easy. "The fact that people are only sick after flying on airplanes or commuting in to work on buses suggests that they might not be doing so on purpose. Otherwise they'd have more serious cases of Lyme and the like.