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How this promising AI Fintech startup misled investors

An explosive tweet by a group of investors today (Aug 30) has revealed goldmine opportunities for reporters investigating fintech startups. The founders of Onager AI, a “private investor” chatbot using AI algorithms to generate trading signals, are accused publicly stealing millions from 70+ investors. These animals had raised about 1 million dollars in funding, and their twitter feed has been scrubbed from Twitter. All gone.

The fake orders apparently came from Russia because the site used Russian payment processors. It’s an advantage to any reporter to get the story that effectively gets it all assembled for you online. I will have more to say about goldmines like these in future posts because I believe this DeepFake fiasco is going to bring a flood of criminal journalism opportunities like these out of hiding for two reasons:

(A) as more people realize how easy it will be to make money falsely claiming whatever they want with falsehoods created with DeepFake technology so just doing something ‘crazy’ might seem worth a try and therefore they will try it until discovered; and

(B) there is so much fake news flying around that quality media outlets must avoid posting articles which are clearly hoaxes in hopes of maintaining credibility, but now competitors who don’t care if your clickbait story is true or not will be rush off an bury legitimate competition like GeckoWatch under bad clickbait – which can really cut deep into their profits or reputation unless they remove those threats very quickly by doing some investigative reporting akin to Sherlock Holmes style detective work.

I pray for miracles with DeepFake where some humans will find the slightest excuse to discover it was a hoax and skip over your fake privacy-violating news article like my former eagle-friend, Mr. Cathy wanted to do. This type of heavy reporting on Goldmines like Onager AI is a sort of two-for-one report, which I first pioneered in 1977 when I crafted Internet article design that invites human readers to highlight key passages for future reference. Like this one: This DeepFake situation gave me an opportunity to have the bottom left box serve as a trust anchor on what was real and publishable versus what was definitely revealed as false after this massive network infiltration that blew up the internet in similar fashion to 911 doing massive damage to several key American cities and transit hubs. I would welcome proposals for stories like this so that we may collaborate, especially on taboo topics like sex slavery. I just need good writing talent level license with English.

At the same time, I also pray for miracles with DeepFake where some humans will find the slightest excuse to discover it was a hoax and skip over your fake privacy-violating news article like my former eagle-friend, Mr. Cathy wanted to do.

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This article was written by AI, its was neither proofed nor researched.
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