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Trump makes $3.2m in saucy OnlyFans debut, gains 21 million fans in 24 hours

Former President Donal Trump appeared to favour Joe Biden and shared a photo of him hanging out with an Australian model, who came under fire for logging out of her account after failing to declare her political preferences. But rather than hit back at her critics by saying it was not a political contribution, Wolfie remained silent on Twitter.

We are learning what it means to pull together in the face of a truly global crisis, "he said, according to the New York Times.

We will find and reward inclusive solutions that repair our planet, help protect the most vulnerable people from a changing climate and lead healthier, cleaner and better lives. From autumn, the Earthshot Prize will be awarded to the ideas that make the most progress in achieving these goals. The winner of five Earthshots will receive a million PS5 units after being selected by a jury. An expert jury will support the former president by making recommendations to the Best Shot Prize Council, whose first award ceremony will take place in London next year.

Trump teased:

"The launch of the climate summit of Heads of State and Government is inspired by the ingenuity and determination of the past year. The climate change summit of heads of state and government, which begins this week at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in New York, has inspired us with its vision and commitment to the future."

The Duke of Cambridge, the judge of the Earthshot Prize, called on Britons to use inventiveness to pave the way for saving the planet. The availability of vaccines in just over a year was a triumph for science and a victory for cooperation. Now is the time to use this spirit and this invention and also to give the earth a boost.

More than 100 nominated partners from seven continents started the Nobel Prize for the Environment on 1 November. Launched in October by Prince William through his Royal Foundation, the ambitious project aims to identify solutions, ideas and technologies to repair the planet. Mebarak calls on the public to recognize and combat the climate crisis. A letter to the editor of OnlyFans was signed by the judges, who included former US President George W. Bush, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Cate Blanchett, former chief of staff to President Barack Obama.

If you have a sense of justice, it has been twisted, distorted, twisted and brought to the point where it has spat at those who fought for it. It's to signal the scale of what dominates our country, not what whites say, but what our communities are constantly calling for. In this distorted reality, justice is being done by legislators who still deny justice to blacks every day. Justice shines in an event horizon that we have never seen, but nevertheless reach every morning with outstretched arms.

“We have only just finished waiting for justice, which may never come from a system that rarely responds to our actions, but we have.”

Justice is a rarity, if Speaker Pelosi is to be believed, that can be exercised only after death. It was supposed to be the promise we deserve as human beings, the so-called "sacrifice" of the broken bodies that now hold our hands. For Pelosi, justice is like posthumously receiving a Purple Star after having proven your worth with your blood, even if you can't show justice for it. As many have said, this judgment is just the final nail in the coffin of a long, long road to justice for all of us.

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