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What The Royal Family Doesn't Want People To Know

Vanity spoke to Hazell about Prince Harry's return to Britain, his relationship with Queen Elizabeth and why the affair is not the existential crisis some commentators fear.

"I am always amazed by the British public's obsession with the Royal Family, but I also recognise that the monarchy tends to roll with the punches in public opinion. As we saw when Princess Diana divorced Prince Charles and considered moving to the US, Americans don't care about losing their title. It is not hard to see why, because public support for the Royal Family outside their own country is low and it could never be both sides of the coin. They have tried, most recently in a documentary simply titled "The Royal Family."

Of Harry and Meghan, she added: 'They are no longer working members of the British royal family, but they live in America, where they are dealing with the same issues that we all face, like a British policeman working in the United States, working in a country with a very different culture and culture of law enforcement. Her Majesty's magazine, which is the managing editor of Vanity Fair magazine and the magazine's editor-in-chief, said: "I understand that she has been engaged as an American citizen because she is now a member of the British royal family. Although the interview has brought the couple more publicity than the Royal Family, Winfrey said she has discussed the importance of boundaries with Prince Harry's Markle.

Meghan told Winfrey that the royal family had even discussed introducing new rules to prevent Archie from ever becoming a prince. She added: 'My son Archie, who is now one year old, is being denied the title of Prince, no matter how dark it may be. I think people have a hard time with Prince Harry because you don't really see the things we do, because we talk about politics, whether you're British or American. Hazell, however, is not surprised that Harry told Oprah Winfrey that he was "captivated" by the monarchy.

Like Meghan, Diana was unlucky enough to outshine the Windsors in the commercial. She was a hugely popular figure, but clearly resented the treatment of her and her son by the Royal Family.

Christopher Wilson, an expert on the Royal Family, even said Prince Phillip had not spoken a word to his wife until he came up with the idea of a royal household borrowing itself. Both Harry and Meghan have attacked Queen Elizabeth, while the family - including Prince Charles - has come under open criticism.

Simpson is twice divorced and is not seen as the ideal wife of the King of England and has not been accepted into the royal family. The royal family did not want anything to do with Ferguson after the incident, but sources say there is more to the story. Harry and Meghan have denied they have behaved blindly by moving in together without fulfilling their royal duties, and even tried to play down the drama by saying the decision was hers and had the support of 'Her Majesty' the Queen. Ferguson has recently been reinstated to the Royal fold, even attending the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton last month.

Carolyn Durand, author of Finding Freedom, said: "What Prince Charles did when he ascended the throne to slim down the monarchy is actually what we're talking about.

Diana sat down in an interview with BBC journalist Martin Bashir to discuss her own problems with the Royal Family. Royal family: Diana's True Story, read the most harrowing and depressing stories Diana revealed in her own words about her relationship with her husband Prince Charles.

The British royal family is not supposed to express political opinions, although they are allowed to support football teams (Prince William cheered for Aston Villa). Markle and Prince Harry said they had asked the palace for help with their relationship but were told by the institution itself that this was not possible. The refusal is notable because while the palace does not officially comment on rumours about the royal family, it has previously denied rumours against members of the royal family.

On the CBS Primetime Special, Markle and Prince Harry revealed that their second child will be a girl and Archie would not be given a royal title or security. Other revelations included the fact that there is no Prince, that Prince Charles stopped answering his calls at the height of the royal family's split, and then nude photos of him were leaked to tabloids and circulated on the internet, leading to a massive backlash against the royal family and its public perception. The documentary features Princess Eugenie saying she loves the music and the plot, while Zara Tindall told the Telegraph she watches the show with her husband and two children.

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