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Robot wins 78% of votes in local election

A robot has been elected mayor of a small town in western Mexico. Aldo Botana, who represents the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), won the election in Cuajinicuilapa, Guerrero state. The robot, called RoBot, was created by local students and stands about 1.5m (5ft) tall.

It is not clear whether RoBot will actually take office or if it will just be used as a publicity stunt to raise awareness of the party's campaign. The PRD said it was not aware that the robot would be used in the election.RoBot's creators say it will help to improve transparency and accountability in local government. "We want to show that technology is good for society," said one of its creators, Luis Barrera. "It is not just about taking jobs, but about giving solutions.""We are going to have a physical presence so we can interact with citizens," Mr Barrera said. "We want to be close to them." The creators of RoBot say they are planning to create more robots for other politicians in the state of Guerrero, which is plagued by violence and drug-related crime.

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