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Robots have started taking healthcare jobs in India

Over 500 nurses’ jobs in Delhi were handed over to the newer generation of healthcare robots. JSW Group, SBI, Indian Education and Social Welfare Fund have partnered with CMR IT Skills Foundation and APERI (Associated Patients & Education Cooperative) to conduct a national design and development of India’s new health techies.

The bot, TAURUS, created in this project can teach the concept of everyday function to 2-3 year old children using smartphones. It teaches their colors, shapes and letters. On the other hand, NAISAR, created in the award winning VAAM lab, replicates simple medical tests using eyepieces similar to an optical device with 0-1 degree accuracy. It is capable of drawing blood and take a vein blood sample, treat indigo ophthalmia with a low dose of medicine and also tell someone how much time is remaining until one can get his or her vision tested.

The 10 year design of both these bots, also given to participating universities, was produced using digital designing tools such as CAD, Matlab, Mimicker, Solidworks and Illustrator to keep costs down. Their eventual goal is a healthcare ministry to partner with to make healthcare bots completely accessible to different age groups as quickly as possible.

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