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The Best Music Festivals in 2021

As the 2021 festival season gets more and more likely, we've picked out some of our favourite festivals in the UK that should be on the radar of all music fans. Read on and take a look at five fantastic music festivals that will be taking place in Florida until the end of this year.

Music lovers will gather at Fort Lauderdale Beach this summer to attend the largest EDM festival in the United States and one of only a handful in Europe. We've reworked our great article "Best EDDM Festivals" to give you the most clues - worthwhile EDM festivals that will return in 2021.

Firmly rooted in electronic music, the festival will showcase the best of hip-hop and rock, with only one person making it to the bill - if the music is good. This festival, planned for Las Vegas, will feature some of the biggest artists and acts on the EDM scene.

The oldest festival on this list, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, is also one of the best music festivals in the world. At this huge convention in Texas, guests can enjoy music by some of America's best artists, as well as local and international artists. It is the largest music festival in North America, with an average attendance of 300,000 people at the same time.

If you're a Coachella lifer and prefer to watch from afar, don't forget our weekly show. This is one of the most popular music festivals in the world with over 100,000 visitors, so make sure you and your festival team plan ahead and secure some tickets beforehand.

If you want to plan how the potentially responsible autumn will play out and see the lineup, here's our guide to the music festivals in 2021. This list helps you keep the most important events in the 2021 music festival calendar up top. Now that we know which ten festivals will be taking place next year, we can start planning for 2021 early.

Click on the master calendar below and click on the name of the NC Music Festival to get more information about the festival. Burning Man does not have a lineup, but presents a program of music, art and culture, which is carried by its participants. Like many music festivals, Bonnaroo believes no one should go and it is one of the best festivals in the world.

Why you should go: While most major music festivals are now moving entirely towards pop, Shaky Knees is holding its own as a rock festival with a line-up featuring some of the world's best emerging - and - coming - bands.

Why you must attend: While the world's biggest music festival has moved into entirely pop-cultural territory, the Shakier Kneees have held their own in a series of ups and downs - road rock and blues, indie rock, country, rock'n "roll and even a bit of rock" n "roll.

Why you must be there: The festival moved in in 2015 and has grown to become the largest music festival in the United States and the second largest in Europe, with some of the best artists in the world. Why you should go: It is one of the most sought after music festivals in Europe and is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your summer.

Outside Lands is Northern California's first music festival, and I personally can say that it's an absolute smash. Why you need to be there: The Watershed Music Festival is a must-see and one of the most popular music festivals in the United States and the world.

With the Gorillaz and Jamie xx in the line-up, it's considered one of the best music festivals in the world. Coupled with the party that never stops in Las Vegas, the festival has made a name for itself as the most popular music festival in North America. Coachella is also the most profitable, with sales of $94.2 million in 2016, according to Forbes.

Held in early March, Okeechobee offers a glimpse of touring and summer artists, and is now one of the most popular music festivals in the United States and the world. Following the success of Coachella, all major music festivals including Lollapalooza, Glastonbury and Leeds Music Festival, they will be holding events in Florida for the first time.

If we move forward, it would be a glorious celebration of the return of music festivals. Music festivals are back, the events in the calendar are packed with a wealth of exciting concerts and events. Another Labor Day weekend festival, Bonnaroo, will feature a supernatural theme. BonnarOO, which festival junkies call the largest music festival in the United States and the second largest of its kind in Europe, recalls Woodstock's glory days, but with much more variety.

The hip, youthful vibe makes it one of the most exciting and highly anticipated European festivals of 2021. Music festivals are usually scheduled for August, but with some major festivals already confirming their dates and lineups, Bonnaroo will be held on Labor Day Weekend 2021, and you can buy three-day camping and music tickets. Buku has the distinction of being the first festival to be held in 2019 and 2021, as well as the second largest music festival in the United States.

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