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Tennis Players are Racquets

Top seed Novak Djokovic has been left devastated after accidentally hitting a linesman with a tennis ball on Sunday. The Serbian tennis star hit a line judge with the ball during a match in the third round of his match against Marin Cilic at the Australian Open.

Swiss maestro Roger Federer has suggested a merger of the ATP and WTA to strengthen in the aftermath of the ban. Novak Djokovic has been found by tournament referee to have breached Grand Slam rules for 'intentional, dangerous or reckless ball striking or negligent disregard for the consequences' of the US Open. He was disqualified before a set was complete after hitting the ball into the linesman.

It makes sense, considering that Jelena Djokovic took professional tennis on a world tour as a teenager. In 2008, she became the first tennis player to pose for Playboy, hoping that success would follow her off the court. She wore the design on court, which shocked the tennis world, and other women adopted the loose, short, exposed outfits to give the tennis players a sense of style and sexuality. Several tennis players have complained that it is impossible to wear them during matches because the middle hand is exposed, but they have done it.

One sports commentator called Kyrgios a 'shit' on Sky News, while another called him 'a pouting brat. I'm not sure I can call him that but when you see him on the pitch you can't see much difference. Forbes magazine ranked him as the funniest tennis player in the world and one of the best in his age group. If he had come over here as a cricketer rather than a tennis player, he might have been excused or even celebrated.

In 2014 at Wimbledon he became the first Canadian to reach the final of a Grand Slam. Where there is no platonic ideal for tennis, Kyrgios goes out on court like McEnroe. He is not the only tennis star to wear a full-body suit on the court for more than half a century. Serena Williams' Wakanda-inspired catsuit, which she wore in the 2014 US Open final, made its first appearance in a women's tennis match. She became the second youngest player in history after Margaret Court and the first ever tennis player to wear a full-body suit at Grand Slam tournaments.

She holds the record for the most Olympic medals won by a tennis player and has won at least one singles title at each Grand Slam tournament, a streak surpassed only by Roger Federer (6) and Rafael Nadal (5). While her greatest success came in the late 1990s, when she won the Australian Open three times, Wimbledon and the US Open, she has been a force ever since. As a player she was certainly overrated, but she changed the perception and popularity of women's tennis, even if her career ended early.

Every tennis player has had their appearance taken off them in their youth and experienced a kind of shame. They had to have hair, clothes and even skin colour and hair colour and experience all sorts of shame.

Women's tennis has always had a limited audience, and certainly stars like Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graf, but Serena Williams received a very different reaction in 2002 when she wore shorts and a catsuit at the US Open. Williams is certainly not the only tennis player who has refused to play it safe. But the sustained criticism she has faced is arguably more reminiscent than any athlete of the Games "elitist roots".

Jelena Dokic is a former tennis player who grew up with many of the players on the tour. She is said to have attended many events at tennis tournaments around the world and played her first tournament at the Australian Open after her family emigrated from Australia to Serbia.

The ATP Tour is the only alliance member organisation of tournaments that does not include the all-important Grand Slams. Unlike many sports, tennis players are not employees as such, but members of the organization. Since then she has led a series of anti-corruption campaigns against the ATP and ATP World Tour, drawing criticism from Federer and Nadal.

It's not just a dream for her to see the NBA as a more attractive prospect, she needs to keep making a living. Tennis is also lonely, with players not even allowed to speak to their coaches. For sportsmen and women, career spans are very short, and for some even shorter.

Having grown so used to the nomadic life of a tennis player, she also misses a hotel, but it should be reiterated that there may never be anyone else like Serena. I think women's tennis is so interesting because the personalities are so great. The serve-and-volley game is not so predictable and I love watching tennis and appreciate the sport for what it is. I want to repeat that Serena is the greatest tennis player of all time. Hingis was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2005 and was world No 1 in 2005, No 2 in 2006 and No 3 in 2007, and No 1 in 2011.

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